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Top page > Original products > Arai Original Helmet-01
TANIO x Arai Original Helmet
The TANIO original helmet which developed with Arai.
  • The high-performance helmet of various TANIO original of the individualistic style there are from basic to kids model.
Parts & Option
Please check the list about optional parts for details of various helmet.
The Open-Face plays sports.
Vivid gradation color debut in SZ-RAMⅢ.
Glass Black    
  • Color: Glass black (gradation)
  • Size: (54cm)/(55-56cm)/(57-58cm)/(59-60cm)/(61-62cm)
Wind flows through around the head.
The Open-Face plays sports. "SZ-RAMⅢ"
Leon Gray   Meta Shine Black
  • Color: Leon Gray, Meta Shine Black
  • Size: (54cm)/(55-56cm)/(57-58cm)/(59-60cm)/(61-62cm)
Excellent high speed stability and the silence, and prominent fitting feel to wear.
Evolved Open-Face "SZ-F"
  • A prominent fitting feel came true by "SZ-F High-fitting-interior".
  • The great silence came true by "Wind Seal Edge".
  • The list of optional parts is here.
  • Pearl White   Pearl Dark Blue
    • Color: Pearl White, Pearl Dark Blue
    • Size: (54cm)/(55-56cm)/(57-58cm)/(59-60cm)/(61-62cm)
    It has the standard performance that all riders can be satisfied with.
  • Air duct is mountable to a "twin drain-holes".
  • The list of optional parts is here.
  • White   Black
    Pearl Dark Blue Flush Silver Gray Metallic -
    • Color:White, Black, Pearl Dark Blue, Flush Silver, Gray Metallic
    • Size: (55-56cm)/(57-58cm)/(59-60cm)/(61-62cm)